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Clay by Jamie

Welcome to my shop!

As a potter, I use the potter's wheel to create all of my functional pieces, including mugs, bourbon sippers, bowls, lemon squeezes and other items designed for daily use.

All of my work is made with intention to add beauty & love to otherwise inanimate objects.

It's important to me that my glazes are all lead-free, and I exclusively use Mulhollun clay from Kentucky Mud Works.

My work is characterized by its uniqueness, as each piece is one-of-a-kind. My source of inspiration comes from the natural beauty of landscapes found in the Southwest region, as well as my hometown of Bagdad, KY. Nature is the driving force behind my creations.

Meet Jamie the artist

Since I was a child, I've had a deep passion for crafting beautiful items with clay. It all began at the age of four when my grandmother signed me up for a local clay class. Our teacher, Gale Serlan, would start each session by demonstrating a new project, and I was always mesmerized by her skill and confidence. From that moment on, I was hooked and spent countless hours daydreaming about the endless possibilities for my next creation. As I grew older, I continued taking classes with Gale. During the fall and winter, I always looked forward to giving my handmade items as gifts. Clay has become my true love, and I'll always cherish those early memories that inspired my lifelong passion.

From that very young age, I knew that I was an artist, and was destined to be an artist.  In high school, I discovered oil paint.  Once again I was privileged to have an incredible teacher who also happened to be a part-time college professor at the University of Louisville.  With my parent's permission, he allowed me to join his nude life drawing class at U of L as a high school student.  I quickly fell in love with the figure and figurative oil painting.  With my teacher's guidance, I decided that I wanted to attend art college.My journey through The Maryland Institute College of Art was a transformative experience. Initially drawn to painting, I soon rediscovered my passion for clay and enrolled in a ceramics class as a studio elective during my junior year. Stepping into that basement room with its bright windows and the aroma of clay dust, I was immediately struck by the limitless creativity and potential that lay ahead. It was a defining moment that prompted me to switch my major to ceramics, taking every class available, from sculpture to casting to throwing. The experience taught me to follow and pursue my dreams with dedication and commitment. 

I pursued my passion for sculpting with porcelain, finding joy in the versatility and tactile qualities of this medium. With guidance from my college professor, Sarah Barnes, I discovered the art of wheel throwing and devoted years to mastering this technique while staying true to my love for porcelain. My dedication culminated in a beautiful thesis show featuring six large fountains and a stunning tile mural, all fired in a single gas kiln with my own celadon glaze. Hard work and perseverance can lead to incredible artistic achievements.

After graduating from college, I found myself working in retail and restaurants to make ends meet. While I didn't pursue a higher degree, I did enroll in some continuing studies courses at my alma mater. It was through the Baltimore Potters Guild that I found my true passion for functional pottery. Being surrounded by such talented potters, including some of my former teachers, was truly inspiring.

After my time in Baltimore, I was determined to pursue my passion for pottery. So, I quickly secured a studio space at Payne St. Pottery and had the pleasure of working alongside the talented Tonya Johnson in Louisville.

I had the delightful opportunity of encountering my husband at an art fair back in 2012. He was promoting his recently launched juice and smoothie bar, called Life Bar, by distributing flyers. On the other hand, I was vending my pottery at a nearby booth. After the fair, he generously assisted my sister and me in tearing down our booth and loading our vehicles. His helpful demeanor struck me, and I knew he was a keeper. 

As a dedicated potter, I devote myself to perfecting my craft every day with the help of my trusty companion, Charlie. Sharing my creations with those who appreciate them is truly an honor, as pottery is not just my passion, but my life's purpose. My mind is constantly overflowing with new ideas for my next masterpiece, fueling my drive to create and inspire others.

Mission Statement

Clay by Jamie is a small artisan brand that brings to life the ancient practice of creating functional pottery using traditional methods on the potters wheel. Through creating each piece by hand I am able to give meaningful attention and detail to the work. My hope is that every piece of pottery will pass through my hands to yours to be used and enjoyed for years to come.

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